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The wDrive is a disk drive emulator for the Apple II (II+, IIe, IIc, IIGS) that boots disk images (WOZ, DSK, 2MG, HDV, etc) from an SD card.

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The SoftSP card is an add-on to the wDrive, and allows you to boot hard disk images (2mg and hdv) on an Apple IIe, which does not have SmartPort support. The SoftSP card is not needed on the Apple IIc or Apple IIGS.

The SoftSP card should be placed into a slot lower than the wDrive disk controller card. Slot 1 or 2 usually works well.

Note: The SoftSP card will also work with the FloppyEMU. However, you MUST use a special drive cable that isolates pin 12, to avoid damaging your FloppyEMU. You do not need to use this cable with the wDrive, although it won’t cause any issues if you do. You can find details about the issue here.

All questions about the SoftSP card should be directed to Mfa2 Workshop.


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