A2jc Apple II 16-pin to 9-pin Joystick Adaptor


The A2jc adaptor lets you plug a 9-pin Apple IIe joystick into your Apple II or II+. Also works great with the A2io Wireless Game Receiver.

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The A2jc Joystick Adaptor lets you plug a 9-pin joystick into the 16-pin game socket in your Apple II or Apple II+. The adaptor is designed to fit securely into the 16-pin socket on your Apple II motherboard. The adaptor also works great with the A2io Wireless Game Controller Receiver, and allows you to use wireless game controllers with your Apple II or Apple II+. You can even use the adaptor in your Apple IIe to mount the A2io inside your case!


Setup is just a few quick steps:

First, plug your joystick or A2io Receiver into the A2jc Joystick Adaptor.

Next, for joysticks, route the cable and adaptor inside your case through one of the slots at the back.

Note: It is recommended that you tie a knot in the joystick cable and place the knot just inside the case slot so that if the cable gets tugged, it will stop against the knot instead of potentially pulling the adaptor out of the socket.

Then, plug the A2jc adaptor into the 16-pin game I/O socket on your motherboard. Make sure that the pins are lined up properly and you aren’t off by one pin. Pay careful attention to the “front/rear” markings on the adaptor. When installed correctly, the DB9 connector should be on the right-hand side when looking from the front of the computer.

Finally, fire up your Apple II or II+ and play some games!

Tip: Depending upon the tightness of the 16-pin socket on your motherboard, you may want to use the included 16-pin DIP socket as a “bridge” to avoid stretching out the socket on your motherboard. Conversely, if the DIP socket is too loose and doesn’t give a good connection, remove it and insert the A2jc adaptor directly onto your motherboard.


  • Comes fully assembled with an extra 16-pin DIP socket
  • Apple II or II+ or any Apple II-compatible clone with a 16-pin game I/O socket
  • Also works on the Apple IIe, for example, to mount the A2io Receiver inside the case

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in


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