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The 1.6 Emu is a complete Apple IIe system with a 1.6 inch LCD screen. Runs floppy or hard disk images from a micro SD card and connects to a USB keyboard.

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NOTE: This is a preorder! The emulators are arriving in 4-6 weeks.

This is the Apple IIe 1.6 inch Emulator board from Mfa2 Workshop. The 1.6 Emu is a complete Apple IIe system on a single board.

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  • Emulates a 128k enhanced Apple IIe.
  • Bright 1.6″ LCD screen.
  • Supports floppy disk images in DSK, PO.
  • Supports hard drive, 400K, and 800K, 1.4Mb images in PO, HDV and 2MG format.
  • On-screen menu for selecting disk images.
  • Supports SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards (Fat16/Fat32 file format). SD card not included.
  • Micro USB port for battery charging. Battery not included.
  • Integrated speaker.



  • Apple IIe emulator with built-in speaker.
  • USB micro-to-type A adaptor
  • JST GH battery connector plug. Due to shipping restrictions, a battery is not included.



  • USB keyboard (wireless or wired)
  • 3.7-5V power supply with micro USB plug
  • 3.7V Lithium battery. Suggested battery: Lipo 3.7V battery #503040, which is 40mm x 30mm x 5.0mm and supplies 650mAh (approximately 4 hours of use).
  • Soldering iron. Since most lithium batteries come with a JST PH (2mm) plug, you will need to desolder the PH plug and solder on the supplied JST GH (1.25mm) plug.





On-Screen Menu: Copy the “config.dat” file (in the ZIP file above) onto the root directory of your micro SD card. After boot, press F1 to enter the Menu.

Simulated Joypad: Press F2 on your keyboard. Joypad emulation uses the arrow keys for movement and ctrl/shift for buttons.

Update the built-in disk image: After booting your desired disk image, press F1, then F2, then Ctrl+Alt+Del.

WARNING: To avoid battery damage, be sure the emulator switch is turned to the OFF position when charging the battery. The emulator will still be running but will be in charging mode.

Reflash the Firmware (only if necessary)

  1. Download the above ZIP file and unzip it.
  2. Copy the “apple2.bin” file onto the root directory of your micro SD card.
  3. After boot, press F1 to enter the Menu.
  4. Press F2 and then press F3.
  5. Finally, press ctrl-alt-del to start upgrade.

Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1 in

wDrive only (Apple IIc and IIGS), wDrive plus SoftSP card (Apple II, II+, IIe)


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