Apple II II+ IIe MultiROM Card


The MultiROM card provides 7 user-selectable boot ROMs, plus Applesoft and Integer BASIC, for any Apple II, II+, or IIe (original or enhanced).

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Turn your Apple II, II+, or IIe into a multi-ROM machine with the MultiROM card, designed and assembled by David Mutimer. We’ve imported these cards all the way from Australia, and are offering them at David’s standard price of $45 plus shipping.

The MultiROM card contains the following ROMs, selectable using DIP switches:

  • Applesoft BASIC
  • Integer BASIC – no need for a separate language card or DOS 3.3 disk!
  • Autostart ROM – bypasses the motherboard ROM, also allows booting Smartport devices on an Apple II+
  • Monitor – dumps you straight into the monitor, as if you had an original Apple II from 1977
  • Diagnostic – custom ROM written by David that does extensive RAM tests and tests keys
  • LockBuster – this is the old hacker ROM
  • CPM Boot – bypasses BASIC and boots into CPM (Note: this does not include Z80 emulation – you would still need a Z80 Softcard)
  • Freeze V2 – another old hacker ROM
  • Motherboard – bypasses the MultiROM’s F8 ROM, but still uses the MultiROM’s BASIC (useful for an Apple IIe)

The card also has a quick toggle switch that enables or disables the card on-the-fly, which is especially useful with the debugging ROMs.

The MultiROM can be installed in any available slot.

Note: the MultiROM is not compatible with the Apple IIGS.

Note: Due to high demand, there is a limit of one per customer.

More info on the Diagnostic ROM: this ROM can help to isolate a fault with ROM, RAM or bus faults. For example, if your machine won’t boot using the Diagnostic ROM then it is probably a bus fault. If your machine boots okay with the MultiROM then it’s probably a ROM fault, and if it boots with a RAM error then the Diagnostic ROM will indicate the problem.
*More info on the D0/D8 ROM: On an original Integer BASIC Apple II, the D0/D8 ROMs are normally empty. The MultiROM card can ship in two different configurations: (1) ROM D0 will be filled by the Wozniak Programmer’s Aid (useful for Integer BASIC programming), or (2) ROMs D0/D8 will contain Watson + Inspector (useful for hacking and debugging). If you aren’t going to be using Integer BASIC, just pick one at random.

Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1 in
Integer ROMs*

Programmer's Aid (D0), Watson (D0) + Inspector (D8)


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